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We are an outcomes focused digital agency that specialises in creating digital experiences for charities and impact organisations.

Landscape photo of a young blonde-haired boy (on the right), bending over to peer through a chainlink fence (centre) into an artistic installation of a 'rat den' (left). Not pictured: The rats red beedy eyes staring back. Photo credit to Mary Hutchinson - Photographer and multimedia artist

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Whatever it is, we can help.

We work with charities, social enterprises and other organisations that are creating a positive impact.

GWRC-Te Pane Matua Taiao
Para Kore
Awhi Ngā Mātua
NZ drug foundation

Why Bamboo?

We deliver right size

development with a focus

on robustness and value

We are comfortable with


We focus on the outcomes

that you want to achieve,

in your specific context