What we do

Our process is flexible and designed for the impact sector, with a focus on outcomes and how the technology will support what you are aiming to achieve.

Digital Strategy

We turn your impact strategy into an actionable digital strategy

  • align your business outcomes, impact model and digital strategy
  • understand how technology can move your organisation forward and grow your impact

Digital Systems for Impact Management

We set up operational systems for efficiency and data hygiene

  • get full access to all of your impact data to make better decisions
  • support your people delivering programmes to focus on the work, not the admin
  • develop easy to use impact data collection and reporting methods for your team
  • designing your systems to serve your people, not the other way round.
  • make reporting to funders easier

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the process of adopting new technology into your organisation, and digitising your organisations operations. It includes how your organisation operates as a team, and how you serve your customers and/or users. Impact organisations in particular can leverage digital transformation to improve operational efficiency while making impact reporting and management easier. We can help you implement your digital strategy through a digital transformation plan, including understanding the needs and capabilities of your team to ensure a smooth transition

    Digital Products

    We design and develop custom tools, platforms and apps that grow your impact. If you already have an idea in mind, we can help you validate if it’s worth building.

    • automate your internal processes
    • design and develop innovative tools and apps for your team or community of focus
    • develop products that connect communities and people to each other


    We design and develop custom websites of any size with modern design and accessibility top of mind.

    • modernise your online presence and enhance the credibility of your organisation
    • revamp your website to better suit the people you are serving
    • enable fundraising through your website
    • make your content and resources more accessible to those who use them

    Seed your team

    We’re experienced in sliding into existing teams looking to deliver a new technology project and bringing speciality skills with a positive, productive team culture.

    • bring in speciality skills and capacity right now, and upskill your team for the future
    • augment your organisation with a full team or a few specialists - we can adapt to your needs
    • benefit from a strong culture of open and collaborative communication

    Why Bamboo?

    We know that people

    and culture

    are at the heart of everything

    We thrive in


    We focus on outcomes

    for your org, your team

    and your clients

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