A digital platform for female sexuality, learning and empowerment centred around the cervix.


There is so much outdated research, societal BS and disconnection between lovers in the world of female sexuality. How can we build a movement around rewriting and reclaiming the cervix as part of the female pleasure anatomy?

How might we use design a digital platform for female sexuality, learning and empowerment centred around the cervix?


By using a collection of software tools (Saas) that work together to create its tailored sales and learning platform, we were able to build a system that was cost-effective and robust. We worked with Olivia to develop a new business strategy and product road map to relaunch Self:Cervix and reposition it in the market. We redeveloped a strong brand style and visual language, creating a visually striking, customer focused journey with a strong feminine energy.


With the relaunch of the platform and continued support with implementing new features, Self:Cervix has doubled previous sales figures and had the support to expand their offering – now with 2 facilitated journeys, 3 evergreen offerings as well as a physical product shipped around the world. We have developed a very reliable system that delivers what customers expect, saving Olivia and her team hours of admin time and headaches – ” doesn’t break!”. Since delivering the project work we have moved to supporting Self:Cervix in an ongoing capacity as their Technology Partner.


“Working with Bamboo has been an absolute breeze. They are so attentive and go above and beyond any other company I've worked with. Not only that but they are compassionate and flexible and always trying to find the right solution. It's so nice to work with people where I feel like my business is truly cared about and not just another dollar opportunity. Thank you so much beautiful Bamboo-ers!”

Olivia Bryant, Founder

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