Kaia the Kākā

An ‘enhanced reality’ journey fusing narrative, gameplay and art set within a physical space.


Young people are increasingly disconnected from the natural world missing out on the enormous physical, social and mental benefits of time in nature.

How might we use digital tools to enhace the nature experience of children aged between 5-12 year and families through play and creativity?


Taking inspiration from: a live ‘Moa Hunt’, led by actors and in collaboration with scientists, artists and conservationists; pick-a-path journeys and the short-lived phenomena that was Pokémon GO. Several iterative explorations explored looking at the importance of space, narrative, interactions in developing an immersive and effective experience for young people and their families.


Kaia the Kaka was developed as an ‘enahced-reality’ journey fusing narrative, gameplay and art and set within a physcial space (Central Park, Wellington), chatbox delivered Facebook messenger.


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