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A marketplace for big business to connect with social enterprise.


To develop the social impact sector in Aotearoa by directly connecting large companies with the budget and intention with the capability or expertise to deliver social change, through procurement.

How can we design a platform that meets the needs and expectations of those working in corporate procurement? How can we meet their expectations while inviting them to consider the wider impact of their procurement spend?


We worked closely with key stakeholders (Buyers, Suppliers and the Product Owner) to ensure that we were designing for them. By involving users directly in the development of specifications and user experience, we were able to ensure that it met their expectations and their day to day needs. Given the emergent nature of the impact reporting space, we decided upon a flexible backend that could keep step with this changing sector and allow us to easily tweak the data shape based on these changes and the feedback of end users.


Within a tight timeframe we brought a diverse team of stakeholders together to develop New Zealand’s only platform for Social Procurement. Behind the javascript front-end application lies a flexible Airtable backend.


“When faced with a tightly constrained and complex IT project, Bamboo were the delivery partner we were looking for. The high-trust relationship, plain English communication and willingness to listen delivered an incredible outcome that ticked every box for us.”

Seán Barnes, Director: Social Procurement, Ākina

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